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Jared Olsever

Jared Olsever is a multidisciplinary artist who was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. After receiving foundation courses in Studio Arts from George Brown College in Toronto, he later received a Digital Media Arts diploma from Seneca College at York University in 2011. Following his educational accomplishments, he continued exploring different mediums such as painting, sculpture, digital media, portraiture, and figurative painting. Olsever recently exhibited work in Toronto at a duo showcase titled Buenos Dias! Good Morning with the artist, Mony Zakur. His series organic growth tributes to weapons being abandoned to bring life, instead of ending it. Following with a second exhibit at Unlovable Gallery in Toronto titled, Liquid Nostalgia. His body of work in this series combined sculpture with resin and paint. Currently, Olsever explores his creativity using video, graphic design and acrylics to develop compositions of a narrative around his identity residing in a different atmosphere and relocating to Grand Cayman where he works as a graphic designer and print specialist.


"Drive your passion and ambitions on your own terms and avoid being a robot in a world where individuality is needed. A world where conformity is a foundation. Be you. Be free."


Jared Olsever ’s background in graphic design and digital media, have led him to explore subjects like portraiture and figurative painting. His current series, Robots in Paradise, are digital images he took exploring the island of Grand Cayman with Photoshop manipulation on printed canvas. He then adds an overlay of acrylic to create stylized, robotic appendages to his figures. This series was inspired by Olsevers experience of being in a completely different environment, one that explores isolation and revitalization in an unfamiliar space. One that is a journey of self-acceptance and awareness, finding solace in being uncomfortable.

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Reno Jackson

Reno Jackson is an emerging Cayman Islands-born painter. He received foundation courses in painting and drawing from the London Art Academy in 2015. Since then he has continued his exploration with painting media through small series of works made in Grand Cayman. These series have led him to subjects like landscapes and portraits, and he is currently developing compositions that deal with digital mapping and abstracting photo imagery through colour coordination. Jackson has exhibited work in the Winter Showcase at the London Art Academy in 2015, and has also exhibited a solo showcase titled Translation at Premier Crew Brewery in Grand Cayman in 2018. He currently works and lives in Grand Cayman and is a full time painter.  



Jackson’s exploration with painting has led him to subjects like landscapes and portraits. He is currently developing compositions that deal with abstracting and combining photo imagery through digital software and then using these digital references as maps for acrylic paintings. His works in this exhibition show the viewer his current task to create paintings that can act as both figures and landscapes and also reflect on a developing narrative around fables, social interaction, adolescence, race, and discovering sexuality. Some paintings have realistic, earthly colours which make them feel familiar to the images they reference. Others have become more surreal due to Jackson’s choice to use colours that are more that are more unnatural - such as bright orange and yellow - to create paintings that seem to reflect more on his personal psyche and invented spaces.

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Al Ebanks


Al Ebanks is a self-employed Caymanian Artist.  Al studied art at the Cayman Islands High School and over the years has developed a style on his own, building on lessons learned in school.  He has attended many workshops hosted by the local Visual Arts Society, the National Gallery and other visiting professional artists.  Al made the decision to begin painting seriously in 1989.


He best describes his work as a fresh twist of abstract and impressionist art.  In addition to his wide range of paintings Al is also a talented sculptor in stone, wood, bronze and ceramics.  As an artist he is dedicated to refining his abilities and is always eager to extend his knowledge. Al’s main occupation is interior decorating, however, after building his own studio in 1990 he has dedicated the greater part of his time to art. Al traveled to Miami in early 2004 for a solo show at the Jackie Gleason Theater in South Beach, Miami, Florida.  To add to his ever-growing talent, his work was chosen to grace the homes depicted in the new movie Haven, which was directed by Caymanian filmmaker, Frankie Flowers.


In the latter months of 2004 his artistic ability was again rewarded with the receipt of a grant to attend a course on bronze casting in Tuscany, Italy. In 2005 he was chosen by the Ritz Carlton Hotel of Grand Cayman to purchase some of his paintings for their permanent collection. In 2008 he was commissioned by the Cayman Islands government to capture the essence of the Caymanian woman for a monument, celebrating 50 years of voting rights for women.  The sculpture is permanently displayed in Hero’s Square in George Town.   

John Broad


John graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a degree in Painting and Drawing, and from the University of London with a teaching qualification, he has participated in UK and Cayman Exhibitions, and held several one man shows.

 John has taught in local Schools and UCCI, together with running National Gallery, and VAS workshops for adults, he has raised funds for several events, such as Red Dress and Hedgefunds Care with his speed painting on location, during the recent NGCI Havana Club John painted portraits of the guests.

John has created two commissioned Murals in Georgetown  The Walls of History (2004) for NGCI and Fort George for the National Trust (2012) In 2009 he was chosen to exhibit in London and Berlin with Art Below. The Cayman band “High Tide” featured Johns artwork on their CD sleeves, and Roy Bodden books had covers painted by John.

In 1992 John won the Carib Art poster competition, he was a recipient of The Cultural Foundations award for achievement in art education and contribution to the Arts Culture and Heritage of the Cayman Islands 2003

John is an avid sketcher and can be seen on his bicycle at the weekends painting and drawing the locality. His Work “Leafblower in Paradise” was featured in the recent National Gallery Biennial Exhibition “Cross Currents”.

Chris Lai​

Chris Cooper-Lai is a Florida based artist who grew up in the Cayman Islands and spent her summers living in a small cottage on the beach in the Bahamas.  Her love of the Caribbean lifestyle, its flora, and fauna, along with a deep appreciation for the sea and its denizens is reflected in her artwork.  On a more personal and spiritual level, her artwork encompasses a variety of issues including environmental protection, grief, resilience, and self-perception.


Chris works in a variety of mediums; Watercolours, Oils, Photography, Papier Mache' and Mixed Media Collage.In the past she has worked in Printmaking (etching), Ceramics and Hand Blown Glass. As a child, she was fascinated with coloring and the mesmerizing effect of layering color over color.  She uses this technique with her watercolors and is now exploring this type of color application with water soluble oils. She finds the act of color layering to be, "Joyously Tranquil".

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